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We join forces to achieve goals!

We are appreciated for our professional skills and excellent results!

About us

The I&I Capital company founded by specialists with more than five years of experience in the real estate and investment market in Tashkent.

Our client is our second “Me”. We speak the same language with you and help you choose decisions which can make YOUR business successful.

I&I Capital – specialists with experience in the implementation of the largest investment projects in the real estate market of Tashkent.

5 largest projects in Tashkent over the past three years (Tashkent City IBC, Olmazor Business City, Yunusabad Business City, Mirzo Ulugbek Business City, Ethnopark named after Abdulla Kadiriy)

14 attracted foreign investors from China, South Korea, Japan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Australia and other countries

16 attracted investors from among the residents of the Republic of Uzbekistan

386,6 million dollars –  the total cost of completed projects

We believe in success on any project

The I&I Capital team has solid experience of participating in the implementation of major projects throughout Uzbekistan. Top leaders believe in us – and we justify this trust by offering our clients the highest quality services.

We work and conscious our responsibility

Trust of clients – our main motivation. This is our serious responsibility for the end result of our work.

We achieve results

The key to our development is the conquest of new heights both for our clients and for ourselves. We strive for excellence and are constantly working to improve the workflow and introduce innovative approaches to business.

Our approach

I&I Capital – a team of professionals whose mission is to help implement the most ambitious real estate investment projects.

We advise, provide legal assistance, match investors and sign contracts to make real estate a truly valuable asset. Our services are used by both young startups and recognized market leaders in various sectors of the economy: from manufacturing and retail to the banking sector and energy.

Our main values ​​that define us are professional work, responsibility and the best results.


We are convinced that a reliable partnership is the key to the successful functioning of the company. I&I Capital has strong business ties with leading investment, development and consulting companies in Uzbekistan, Turkey, China and other countries of the near and far abroad. We work closely with the municipal authorities in the capital and regions of Uzbekistan, which gives our clients strong support from the state. Our partners are recognized leaders with a solid portfolio of projects around the world.


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